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Belated WoTB Christmas 2017, Part 1 by Erick-the-Druid Belated WoTB Christmas 2017, Part 1 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 0 Rock Paintings 1-5-18 by Erick-the-Druid Rock Paintings 1-5-18 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 6 5 Faolan by the River (New Portrait and Wallpaper) by Erick-the-Druid Faolan by the River (New Portrait and Wallpaper) :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 6 0
WoTB AU: Chapter 2 (WIP)
Chapter Description: The black wolf tours the packs, gets a name, and becomes educated on the wolves' culture and ways. He meets the gnaw wolves and the Sark, and several major and surprising turns of events happen. Some people might think it's a crappy hippie version of the story, where it's all 'peace and flowers and everything's all good and YAY!' but it's not unrealistic, and this is a fanfiction and an AU, after all. So things can go differently from the original version of the story, and making a bit of peace and averting a bunch of gnarly crap from happening isn't so bad.  
I think this will be the longest chapter, or maybe everything after Chapter 1 will be fairly long, since they take each place during the events of a friggin entire book lmao. I have to try to cram all that in there while not writing a full-blown book, and while putting whole summarized sections of each book in my own words and trying to neither leave anything out or bore all the read
:iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 0
WoTB AU: Description and Chapter 1
WoTB AU Version 1
Description and Chapter 1
Note: CONTAINS MAJOR WOTB SPOILERS! Also, please read the actual books first. Not only are they pretty damn good and underrated, but you should always read the original book(s) before reading a fic or spinoff or whatever, and you'll be able to understand and appreciate this fic a lot better once you've read the books. And I use a lot of terms from the books and references to the events of the books, so a lot of this will not really mean much unless you've actually read the series.
Description: The introduction of another wolf into the Beyond changes many events for the better. Some of this may or may not be really cliche and crappy lmao but I want to write this. I want yalls honest (but not rude) opinions in the comments; I want to know what parts are good and what could use improvement and in what way, or what needs to be changed/added/removed. Hope everybody enjoys!
Chapter 1: Around the same time Faolan was born, a little black pup was bor
:iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 2 0
Heep Phone Wallpaper by Erick-the-Druid Heep Phone Wallpaper :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 2 0 Wolf's Peak Close Up V1 by Erick-the-Druid Wolf's Peak Close Up V1 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 4 0 Frost Wolf by Erick-the-Druid Frost Wolf :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 3 1 Warrior Wolf WIP by Erick-the-Druid Warrior Wolf WIP :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 0 WQ Request #1 WIP by Erick-the-Druid WQ Request #1 WIP :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 2 0 Totally not based on Garth... xD by Erick-the-Druid Totally not based on Garth... xD :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 0 Test Icon 1 WIP by Erick-the-Druid Test Icon 1 WIP :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 0 WildwoodWanderer Request 2 by Erick-the-Druid WildwoodWanderer Request 2 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 2 2 WildwoodWanderer Request 1 by Erick-the-Druid WildwoodWanderer Request 1 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 4 0 Kudu Wallpaper by Erick-the-Druid Kudu Wallpaper :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 2 0 Rock Pet Sketch 1 by Erick-the-Druid Rock Pet Sketch 1 :iconerick-the-druid:Erick-the-Druid 1 2


Jaguar Card - WCOTW by XianJaguar Jaguar Card - WCOTW :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 192 19 Squirrel for Mystee by XianJaguar Squirrel for Mystee :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 187 23 Reflecting Love by Goldenwolf Reflecting Love :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 2,849 170 Frog Totem Card by XianJaguar Frog Totem Card :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 54 13 Fox Spirit by XianJaguar Fox Spirit :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 124 17 Jaguar Totem Card by XianJaguar Jaguar Totem Card :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 290 42 Forest by Goldenwolf Forest :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 956 73 Cheetah Totem by XianJaguar Cheetah Totem :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 139 36 Lioness Totem by XianJaguar Lioness Totem :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 91 6 Lion Totem by XianJaguar Lion Totem :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 81 3 Reach by Goldenwolf Reach :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 772 29 Golden Dire by Goldenwolf Golden Dire :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 1,606 64 Spotted Hyena Totem by XianJaguar Spotted Hyena Totem :iconxianjaguar:XianJaguar 139 12 Winter Solstice by darknatasha Winter Solstice :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 1,041 43 Air Wolf by darknatasha Air Wolf :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 864 68 Hyena Mini by darknatasha Hyena Mini :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 461 18



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I literally like shiny things. I love jewels, rocks, metals, jewelry, etc. My mom said I was probably a crow in a past life xD and my Chinese zodiac is metal dragon, and both of those things are quite accurate.
Free icon: Blue Crystal by binoftrash
^ Credit for the jewel:

I'm mainly a digital artist but I also do a wide range of stuff from photography to traditional art to hands-on stuff. I make a bit of jewelry, nothing super intricate yet but I like what I've done so far. I love ceramics and find pottery very relaxing but I don't have a kiln at home; I'm gonna look at getting some home-use clay and glazes/paints for it (...if those are a thing?). I've started doing basic pixel art too, so if you want an icon or base, let me know and I'll try. I can't do anything crazy-complicated yet but I'd enjoy making stuff for people.

::~ Link for icon requests! ~::
**NOTICE: Currently closed; this school year is fairly busy and has things like SAT and AP exams, as well as simply the workload for AP classes, so I can't really do requests right now**…

Some of my favorite pastimes are reading, drawing, kayaking, rock climbing, collecting things, taking tons of photos, and watching tv. I've started a youtube channel (where I post bandicam vids of FH maps I make and other short gaming videos); check it out below all the stamps. If you can't tell, I'm addicted to stamps lol.

I'm a guy; use male pronouns.

I have a couple of main characters. In case anyone is interested in their descriptions and basic info, have a link (to make my profile not look like such a text-wall, I decided to put all my characters' descriptions in a journal entry). Anyway here's the link:…

My username on most games is Windstrider. Find me as Windstrider on WolfQuest, Impressive World, FeralHeart, and various Impressive Title servers. I'm Windstrider2017 on Howrse (US server).

The stamps above have pretty obvious meanings but to gab a bit about the country and heritage stamps. I'm mostly of German and Prussian blood, with the rest being Swedish and a bit of Scottish and Irish (Shields clan). I don't know a lot about about my heritage but since I thought that was an interesting little fact, I figured why not put it up here. The UK and American flag are because I want to visit the UK some day, and I've grown up in America.

I really appreciate comments and love hearing/reading peoples' feedback and advice, and I love talking to people, so feel free to comment away on my profile and art, and send me a note! I want to hear from people and I'm always happy to talk.

Irl, I talk a bit different from how I write. I might write really 'professionally' or whatever word you might use, and while I'm well-spoken, I tend to talk a bit 'ghetto' and be kind of a trash mouth sometimes. xD
Leo Zodiac
Metal Dragon Chinese Zodiac
Salmon Native American Zodiac
Horse Celtic Zodiac

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Below is my new Great Wall of Stamps, a forever work-in-progress. xD
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> Fix some of my drawings (add whiskers to Frost Wolf and Whistler)
> Draw Whistler, Dearlea, Alastrine, various skreeleens, Madame Plonk, and various gadfeathers on a show like The Voice
> Rap battle drawings for various book series
> Go to Micheals and buy some felt and stuff to try my hand at some plushie patterns I found
> Write a WoTB AU with my character in it
  • Reading: Traitor to The Throne (re-read)
  • Watching: Mythbusters marathon! \o/
  • Playing: ESO or Seashine
  • Drinking: Water


Belated WoTB Christmas 2017, Part 1
Edit: I still feel like I need to fix something with the Whistler's face. I think his eyes (well, visible eye) is too big or his face is too skinny, or his ears are too big. I'm pretty sure it's his ears or his eye. And I think I made Creakle's nose a bit too big lol. Also, now I'm confused af about Edme's fur color because now I read that it really is supposed to be a russet color. Wat.

Don't even ask where the wolves got stuff like a cd or fast food or a phone or a prosthetic leg or duct tape or a fake tail, or how the wolves have internet or can do things like type on a phone or tie a scarf etc. xD This is purposely silly and a fandom crack drawing, pretty much.

Anyway, here, have a late-ass WoTB Secret Santa sort of thing. In this pic, the wolves are the AU versions, so Tearlach is alive and Heep got steered away from becoming an evil douchebag.

1. Faolan (I purposely made him bigger than everybody else; he's described as being 1/3 bigger than other wolves)
- A carved tailbone from Edme with a wolf paw print, his spiral mark, and a bear paw print carved on it
2. Edme (I've seen her drawn either brown, ginger brown, or dark grey, but I went with dark grey since she's like that on the cover of Star Wolf)
- A carved tailbone from Faolan with a heart on one side and the words 'you matter' on the other side
3. The Whistler (I kinda want to redraw him, he still looks weird in this to me for some reason)
- A Wolfatonix CD and a bunch of fast food to fatten him up
4. Tearlach (I made him brown bc we don't really ever have an official description of what he looks like)
- A joke gift of earmuffs and a smartphone to post all the gossip he hears, since it was mentioned that he ironically manages to pick up all kinds of stuff the others don't, and he eavesdropped several times in two of the books xD
5. Creakle (as with Tearlach, unless I missed something there's no official description so I made him gray and white. And for some reason I picture him being fluffy so I drew him extra fluffy)
- A red scarf (to make him visible for his search-and-rescue stuff) and a prosthetic paw
6. Heep (can his eyes get any bigger? xD)
- Duct tape and a fake tail (originally it was coal but I decided to do the AU versions)

This thing took way longer than I thought it would. My eyes hurt lmao. I want to do the post-Great Mending version next (so I'll have to come up with other gifts for Creakle and Heep, Creakle will keep his scarf tho). I think Creakle will get some hot cocoa in addition to his scarf, and Heep will get a comb for his tail since he becomes obsessed with grooming it. Also the Whistler will probably get a microphone.

Also, I want to do another version with some other characters and what they got. The Sark is gonna probably get some pottery supplies, Mhairie will get something (idk what), Dearlea will get a Wolfatonix CD, a music note necklace, and a microphone, the MacHeaths will get coal, and some outclanners will get coal as well as toothbrushes and soap because they're disgusting and smell pretty bad. xD

The next humorous WoTB thing I'm gonna draw is the cover of Spirit Wolf but with Faolan surfing on the ice floe.

For the post-series Secret Santa, Abban will get a snorkel or underwater camera or something like that.
Rock Paintings 1-5-18
At a party, a bunch of my friends and I painted rocks. I went to town and did all these. xD After the first one, I discovered that I could use a pen on rock and did that on some of them. Wish I'd done that for the first one. Anyway:

1. The Whistler
2. Heep
3. Simba (Rafiki's painting)
4. Simba
5. Seahorse
6. Faolan (Frost Wolf book cover)
Faolan by the River (New Portrait and Wallpaper)
I finally redid his portrait and I like this way better than the other version (which I never even bothered to finish lmao, it was decent but it didn't look the way I wanted. The salmon looked awesome tho xD). To improve my art, I've started doing some shading and shadows, and I'm trying to make sure characters have defining physical traits when I draw them (for example, Faolan has a bigger muzzle with a large, rounded nose and a strong jaw line...think Mufasa's or Simba's design or the 'good guy' design, basically). I tried to make him a mixture of muscular and elegant, and I gave him longer fur around his neck, not a mane but a similar idea.
Going to bed now. Tomorrow (or technically later today) I'll read through both chapters to see how they come across and then work more on Chapter 2 for a bit and edit if I need to. Please give me feedback if you read these. I'm a pretty good writer and do very well in English class, but since I've never really written a story or a fic before, I don't really know how I'm doing. I know it's definitely not bad, since I at least know how to spell properly and use good grammar, but I'm not sure how the writing style is (I'm trying to paraphrase and shorten all this stuff from the original books, and meanwhile my writing style might come across as a bit boring or something). Idk since I've never really written anything like this before (my only other attempts at stories or things like this were when I was a kid and they were completely original and due to writer's block, ended up being barely a page or two long xD).
The fanfic is coming along pretty well. Chapter 1 is done and much of Chapter 2 is done!


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